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    2012.01.08 10:25

    1999 AOY - EDMUND LIM

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    Lim-Goyeneche duo tops PGFF AOY race.

    BusinessWorld (Philippines)

    | December 13, 1999

    Edmund Lim and Ed Goyeneche lead 1999 Angler of the Year awardees who will receive some 57 trophies and certificates during the Philippine Game Fishing Foundation (PGFF) Annual Awards Night at the Saisaki-Edsa on Dec.r 16 starting 7 pm, PGFF president Bert Azana said.

    The Lim-Goyeneche team won the final 12th AOY leg Constant Inc. Bassfishing tournament at Caliraya Lake beating second placer Willie Yap and third placer Jojo Joson/Tony Barrios tandem to share the Bassmaster of the Year crown and the coveted Angler of the Year title for Lim.

    David Gonzales won the Light Tackle Angler of the Year honor, edging Lim by a mere 0.42 point when Lim fell prey to the "best four of six tournaments" PGFF rule placing Lim and Goyeneche in second and third.

    Lim and Goyeneche share the heavy tackle AOY champion title with Bert Azana and Jojo Joson in second and third, respectively.

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