2002-02 Subic Bay Yacht Club-PGFF Interclub sportfishing tournament

by admin posted Nov 10, 2011


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58 anglers join Subic interclub fish fest.

Some 58 anglers will compete in the Subic Bay Yacht Club-PGFF Interclub sportfishing tournament of the Philippine Game Fishing Foundation.

The full-house fish fest also marks the Third Annual SFFP National Fishing Championship to comply with POC guidelines to accredit the Sport Fishing Federation of the Philippines as the national sports association for fishing.

PGFF prexy Rey Buencamino said PGFF had entered 30 anglers in 10 two- angler teams. The Lucena Anglers Club fields 12 anglers in three, four- angler teams. Other clubs with two- or four-angler teams are BASS Philippines, Pampanga Anglers Club, Dagupan Anglers Club, Angeles Anglers Club, Pampanga Sportfishing Association and Iloilo Anglers Club. Buencamino expects still more clubs/anglers to beat the deadline today.