2016 03 19-20, Results of the American Tacnologies & Golden Maple Sportfishing Tournament Laiya Batangas

by admin posted Mar 29, 2016


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Champion Individual Boat:                Boy Co                                                    8.9kg.
1st Runner-up Individual Boat:          Mayenn Ordoveza/ Lito Tanseco             2.62kg.
2nd Runner-up Individual Boat:         Rickson Chiong                                        1.43kg.

Champion Buddy Boat Team:             Boy Co/ Edwin Guzman/ Carlos Morales    8.9kg.
1st Runner-up Buddy boat Team:       Rickson Chiong/ Ed Delantar/ Juanito Lusanta    2.68kg.    
2nd Runner-up Buddy Boat team:       Mayenn Ordoveza/ Lito Tanseco    2.62kg.     

Largest Fish: Dorado 7.67kg. caught by Boy Co